Some things you just can’t prepare for…like nose hair.

I have probably said this a million times in the last few months but as I sit here and watch my belly bounce as Carl kicks around down there it is never more true;

No one tells you anything real about being pregnant before you get that way.

The women in my life now claim that is because if every woman knew exactly what she was getting into few would volunteer. I am not totally opposed to that particular line of thinking. I’m not sure what the reasoning is. I know that now that I am pregnant I don’t wish it away. Sure, I have days where I wonder why one earth I must get out of bed and where the energy is going to come from to complete the seemingly endless tasks I have before me (like tomorrow). I still tend to say yes to entirely more than I comfortably have energy to complete, but one thing pregnancy has taught me is that I can and should say no. Probably more frequently than I do even now.

Pretty much.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has some sort of wisdom, or advice that they simply must share with me…All the time…I suppose I can understand this considering that pregnancy is such an interesting phenomenon. I mean no other time in your life will you have a parasite inside of you that people throw you a party in celebration of. 😉

Steven asked me to describe pregnancy in one word yesterday and with very little thought I knew the word would be uncomfortable. And it is. There is nothing comfortable about going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. There is certainly nothing comfortable about carrying around a belly that has become like an extra appendage. IMG_1281

There is really nothing fun or comfortable about contemplating how much weight they will tell me I gained at today’s appointment. Finding clothes that are not too hideously uncomfortable is…well…uncomfortable and rather time consuming. Making certain I eat before and after all events where food would be inappropriate because I am really hungry every few hours is inconvenient. Sitting is uncomfortable. Standing is uncomfortable. Laying down can be uncomfortable. The mood swings are maddening. Some of the thoughts I have I these day are absolutely crazy. I’m still pretty excited about the life I am currently nurturing, but no one should be fooled into thinking the baby growing experience is full of glowing happy sunshine and daisies. In fact every time someone tells me that I am glowing I want to cause them bodily harm. Mostly because I know it is bullshit. I look exhausted and I know it and that is ok. I should be exhausted. I’m growing a baby and working and preparing and trying to have a life and work out a relationship. All of that is exhausting.

Yes, I have been asked that.

22 weeks down…18 to go.

And finally:


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