Craft Fairs: Or how I succeeded and failed in 2014


I always enjoy hearing about craft fairs from fellow bloggers as well as makers right here in my own little area. If you have ever had a dream where you somehow ended up naked in public with no idea how it happened to you…this is basically what happens every time a maker goes to a craft fair. We set up our goods and wares that we have quite literally spent countless hours, tears, and energy on. We smile, we prepare, we endure the cold or ridiculous heat and we stay awake despite the fact that we were probably up until 3am the morning before trying to make sure every little detail of our craft is perfect. All of this prep and energy and sometimes we sit for hours and sell absolutely nothing. Sometimes we sell out only to have another fair or show in the morning. You can never truly predict how a show will go until you are done at the end of the day. Having said that I definitely think you can be better mentally and physically prepared.

Over the next few weeks I intend to share what I learned from last years endeavorsĀ and what I intend to do differently this year. Next week I will talk about set up and organization, then about how to find a crafty friend, and finally for this month I want to address the one thing we all have such trouble with: Evolution. We either learn and adapt or we become irrelevant. I hope you all chime in and add to my little nuggets of wisdom so that 2015 can be an even better year.





One thought on “Craft Fairs: Or how I succeeded and failed in 2014

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