Thrifty Thursday: The original Tightwad

One of my only purchases in the month of December that was completely and totally for me was a book called the Tightwad Gazette Volume III. In the early 1990’s Amy Dacyczyn published a newsletter about being..well…a tightwad, or thrifty if you will. She had thousands of readers, and a wealth of thrifty knowledge to share with the world. I truly think she is the reason I can live off of the tiny income I currently have. Honestly I not only live, but I live fairly well all things considered. What I do with my thrifty tighwadery is nothing compared to the shear genius of Mrs. Dacyczyn. Over the course of several years of writing her newsletter, and with the input of hundereds or other tightwads across the USA she wrote a series of three compilation style books.


It may be hard to believe that a book a little over 20 years would still be relevant today, but frankly this is one series of books that I think can be relevant 20 years from now. The numbers are obviously slightly outdated, but the information and approach contained within her books is quite relevant. She shows us that frugality is not a fad, or something to be done only when we are feeling our pennies being pinched, but it is instead a way of life.

As a read through her books again this year I am hoping to share her tips and tricks with a more modern spin. I am by no means an expert, but I do hope that we can all learn a few things this year that will help us to be more financially secure in future  years.

And for comic relief here are a few funnies about the Thrifty life:





2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: The original Tightwad

  1. I remember The Tightwad Gazette. What a wonderful resource! Once she did a detailed breakdown of the savings with canning vs. freezing vs. drying food. I still have notes on it, although I use my dehydrator anyway (she recommended against it as a food preservation method because of the relative cost, but I love dried fruit and drying my own is certainly cheaper than buying).


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