Blog Organizational Round Up!

If you are like me you need a little motivation to really get going with your organizational activities. I really like these planner and organizational tips. I am implementing them myself this year. I hope they inspire you.

There are some really great free blog planners out there like this one:

Free Printable Blog Planner! | Everyday Enchanting


This calender comes from Everyday Enchanting.  Check out her neat website!



This calender comes from A Well Crafted Party. 

Free Calendar! Print and customize it year after year.


If you just want to print a calender for editorial purposes I recommend this pretty one.

I think an editorial calender is a great way to keep organized. There are a ton of different ways to do it. Some people use the calender on their phones or tablets or use google calender. I find that I am better able to keep up with it and use it more effectively if it is on paper. Below are a couple of neat articles that talk about Editorial calenders.

Blogkeeping // Creating an Editorial Calendar //


Did you know that magazines spend hundreds of thousands of dollars researching their content each year, and that you can tap into that resource for free?


I hope these various tips and calenders will help you get your blog organized for 2015!



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