Marco Polo: To watch or not to watch?


If you haven’t had a chance to sit down and soak up some of Netflix’s original programming you definitely should. Thus far I have enjoyed House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Marco Polo. There are others I am sure I need to watch, but these are the ones that have thus far caught my attention. All of which have new season’s coming to Netflix this year. Marco Polo is a good meeting in the middle point between the afore mentioned shows. It lacks some of the sarcasm of Orange is the New Black while still finding points to be humorous. Marco Polo also brings drama and human interaction without hitting quite so close to home as House of Cards.


Marco Polo was of course a rather famous explorer. His father was a merchant that went back and forth on the silk road. While I have not exhausted all historical avenues, the series does not venture too far off  the path of the believable. Really and truly it is a Netflix series that is right for more than just the desensitized 20 something’s. Marco, for all his flaws, and he does have some rather silly ones, is a likable man with integrity. Marco chooses his own path. There is a saying I see often on the tattoo’s of feminists that says “She flies with her own wings”. Well Marco isn’t female but he certainly walks to the beat of his own drum. He rarely ever does exactly what you might expect.

court of Khan


The other characters are just as well portrayed and have so much depth. From Kublai Khan who goes from legend to relatable in this series, to Mei Lin, a dancer in the Song Dynasty court, there is a great deal of diverse characters. Each character has their own agenda, but Marco Polo does a very good job of tying it all together. There are just 10 episodes in the first season all of which you can watch in one sitting if you wish (it is Netflix after all). I love what they do with music in this show. They use the music for dramatic effect to draw out your attention and emotion in a masterful way. Much in the same way the songs from the Hobbit draw you in so does the soundtrack for Marco Polo.

This show is at times both beautiful and brutal but definitely worth checking out.

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