Thrifty Thursday: Zipper stash

Today’s thrifty purchase is this lovely pile of zippers. Most still have the original tags on them somewhere. There are about 6 dozen of various sizes and colors.



I’m hoping to make several zippered pouches for the coming craft sale season and this is the perfect thing I needed for such a task.


Now onto how much this pile cost me:

a wopping $3.00

In case you were wondering, this comes out to about $0.04 per zipper.

My thrifty tip for today: Go in with low expectations and always have a few dollars stashed away ready to invest in something that could be worth a lot more than you invested.

If I make and sell even one zippered pouch I will have recouped my original investment. Not to mention that I now have plenty of zippers to play around with on the various projects I want to try.



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