Singing in the rain! And Pictures!

My family and I recently had pictures made, which was odd since we hadn’t really done that in years and not at all since the couple of new additions.  I think they turned out amazing!

IMG_4182 IMG_4203 (1)

It was a dreary sort of day, but we had fun with it. We laughed and joked and generally made goofballs of ourselves.

IMG_4386 IMG_4260 IMG_4299


My siblings and I got a few good pictures. John and I compared bumps 😉

I even got a few really awesome shots of the bump.

IMG_4250 IMG_4376 IMG_4381

Mind you this is 21 weeks….which makes me a little bit afraid of how much I will grow in the coming weeks.

My favorite picture is this one.



I generally do not like having my picture taken and Steven complains that I never look where I am supposed to. 😉 It must have been a good day because these pictures are awesome. If you need a photographer in North Alabama I can recommend a wonderful one. I am even a little excited for Maternity pictures in a few short weeks.

Let us go on singing in the rain!



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