Selling your Wares: Find a Friend

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If you have ever been to a craft fair you can appreciate the sense of style that each individual has. You can see it in the way their booth or selling space is set up. Everyone, even two people that sell similar items, will set up a little differently. It is always neat for me, even as a vendor, to go and see all of the neat ways that people have found to set up and just who is selling what and who is with them. Some people bring a family member, or spouse, or friend, or child, or even occasionally go by themselves.  Usually however they have a partner in crime of some variety. These types of events are just hard to do by oneself. I know. I’ve done it. It is much easier to set up a booth, sit or stand for 6-12 hours selling your wares, and then take down a space with someone else there for if nothing else moral support.

So how do you determine who to ask to tag along with you. Well in my case my sister is always glad to accompany me. She sits and cross stitches, we chat, I embroider or work on a new design concept and interact with the potential customers. I have also been lucky however in finding another crafter who sometimes will set up with me. My friend Abbe and I met last year somewhat serendipitously at Idle Wilde where we both contribute to the fantastic things happening at this new design line. I am mostly a books and figures person who only sews occasionally or by hand and Abbe is a bonified seamstress and a rather talented one at that. We met, talked, bonded over coffee and deadlines for production. I had been doing a few craft fairs here and there for a couple of years and had opened and closed an Etsy shop rather whimsically before this and Abbe had managed a rather successful children’s clothing and accessory line years ago prior to this. Both being creative people we had a natural jumping board for a new venture.

Abbe wanted to get into doing craft fairs again and I wanted someone to sell with me as splitting a booth fee is really and truly the only way to go. Those things can be ridiculous. So we partnered up. We managed probably 10 shows together last year. It is so much easier and better than it gives you a secure path into the local crafters network which can be a pain in the ass to attempt to navigate. While everyone is not going to want or seek a fellow maker to share space with I really recommend find a partner to do craft fairs with. It will make it so much easier. Find a friend, or a family member or fellow crafter.

Do you have a fellow crafter or friend that goes to shows with you?


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