Thrifty Thursday: The Baby Inventory

As I have previously highlighted, Steven and I may be slightly OCD about to be parents. I like to think my latest venture is partly because of that and partly because planning ahead saves a ton of money when it comes to children and what they need to be happy, healthy and well dressed. As the original Tightwad highlighted in her Tightwad Gazette collection having an idea of what you need to buy or what you are going to need allows you to be on the lookout for deals and not over pay at the last minute when you actually need what ever the item in question is. In this particular case I am addressing having a new baby specifically though the principal can be applied to any age or any item or project.

When I found out I was pregnant I immediately stared to panic a little. Not because I didn’t think I could take care of a baby, I long ago got over that fear, but because 8 months is the window in which I wanted to be prepared for whatever I felt like baby Carl was going to need. And so was born the spreadsheet. After consulting the Tightwad Gazette and refreshing my memory on Mrs. Dacyczyn’s technique I adapted it to fit my own needs. Adding categories she did not have and approaching it from a bigger picture angle.

Baby spreadsheetClick on the picture to get a better view

My spreadsheet is 5 pages. I have a page for MSC things which is the page above, a page for diapering, feeding, Nursery, and clothing. The clothing spreadsheet goes from newborn to 5T, the diapering spreadsheet goes from newborn to potty training. I have potty trained children before so I have a general idea of when I want to do this with my own baby and how long it should theoretically take. That is not an approach everyone will take. With the clothes I know I am having a boy, I know he will eventually grow to need clothes from newborn to adult sizes so buying up to three years in advance makes sense to me. I would be happy to share my spreadsheet with anyone that would like it and I plan to further highlight the components of it and how I have aquired the various pieces and parts (aside from baby shower gifts of course) in a continuation of my Tuesday Labor class series starting in February. I hope you will all follow along.

What was your thrifty purchase this week?


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