Self Promotion: A few tips for the hopeless introvert

I was a quiet child. I am generally a self possessed adult. I try to listen more than talk. A rather gifted woman who makes her living reading people once told me that I have the sort of aura that is like wings and they are almost always folded around me. I suppose this is a fairly apt description. Perhaps it is my personality then that makes it so hard for me self advertise. I know others do it. Most crafty business people must self advertise to get there businesses off the ground and I am no different. However actually doing it is harder for me than it should be. I am not very good at declaring what I make and why it is awesome to everyone I meet. This year I hope to be better.

self promotion

This year I want to network and grow and build. I want to showcase my work and build a greater base of customers and make it self sustaining so that maybe one day it can be something great. Accomplishing all of this is going to take a lot of self promotion. So how do I do that? Well I don’t have all the answers to that question yet but here are a few ways I am working on it.

1. Run a giveaway!
I just finished a giveaway that I got several other crafters involved in. I not only promoted on my blog and FB pages, but with previous satisfied customers and even on my own Facebook. This was hard for me. I generally hate to be one of those people that gushes about whatever she is working on, at least on FB, but I wanted this to be successful and part of my goal this year is to be more comfortable with self promotion.

2. Join local crafting pages and site

This might now make sense at first, but my first custom order of the year came because I follow the North Alabama Crafters page on FB and when someone was looking for a maker to create some items for her sons nursery I jumped right in and said I could do it. Truthfully I was exceptionally nervous about taking on such an enormous project, especially since I was working with some new mediums. It turned out great and the client was pleased and I now have a few new skills under my belt. I had to put myself out there!

3. Get an instagram

Yeah, I know that some people don’t like it because they own your pictures, or because taking a picture of their work or concepts and throwing it out there on the internet for all to see can be scary. However my most recent custom order came because someone saw some work I was doing and wondered if I could make something specifically for them. It is an effective tool. And free. Use it.


I don’t have all the keys of self promotion, but those are a few I know have worked for me. How do you self promote your craft or business?


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