Falling Away: Book Review


With Falling Away I thought Penelope Douglas was wrapping up her Fall Away series. This is a series I’ve followed since the beginning. Jared and Tate get the first two books. Each book being told from their own individual perspective and having different sets of details. Rival, the third book in the series, which I reviewed here, was Fallon and Madoc story which I loved above the first two books and I loved them a great deal. Now with Falling Away we get Jax and KC’s story. This was a story that you could see building in previous books but I really had no idea how she was going to pull it off. Jax and KC seem to be polar opposites. Jax is a couple of years younger than KC. KC is kind of a pampered and disloyal princess, or at least that is what you see at first. Douglas takes characters that seem to be one thing on the surface and introduces us to the wide array of depth and complexity that they both share.

We start out with KC landing herself back in home for the summer to do community service after a rather un-KC like stunt with her idiot exboyfriend Liam landed her in jail. This is the first glimpse we get, in all the books, that KC is more than meets the eye. She loses her temper, throws a rather violent butter knife related fit and somehow lands herself in community service tutoring at the high school she left a few years ago right back in her own home town. Jax is going to a more local college, living in the house he used to share with his stepmom and brother and rather mysteriously earning income from Fallon’s mysteriously connected and more than a little shady father.

A lot of things come to a head in this book. A lot of questions you might have had previously in the other books about the other characters, the side characters and especially KC and Jax find a resolution in Falling Away. I would definitely recommend picking it up if you haven’t already as well as the three previous books in her series. This book could be read as a stand alone but you are going to enjoy it a great deal more if you have the back story on the other characters. I really enjoyed Falling Away…mostly. What I did not enjoy was the constant tug of war. While this was a theme in the first two Fallen Crest novels, the third one, Rival, pretty much escapes that pattern, but we see it return in Falling Away and frankly I can do without it. In spite of that, this is a great book. The sex scenes are just incredible. Her sex scenes have definitely improved over time. I don’t read a book for the smut scenes, but hers are definitely out of the ordinary. They are not what you would expect. When you get to the end there is a bonus Jared and Tate scene that will not at all be what you expect. I was pretty shocked. All the Fall Away novels are available on Amazon. Falling Away is linked here. 

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