On Being Uprooted


People that have roots have always been fascinating to me… Those lucky few who grew up in the same house as their parents, or lived in the same place all their childhood. What must that be like? Granted, I lived in the same town for the first 14 years of my life, but most of that I spent shuffling from place to place. From my grandmother’s when things where unbearable at home, to a friends house where I would literally spend days at a time because they loved me like one of their own and they knew what I would be going home to when I eventually went home, to home…where the ceiling leaked, the food was sometimes (a lot of times) scarce, and so I grew up feeling like I never really had a shelter in the storm. I knew that when I finally made it out on my own I wanted to always have some place that was mine, where the roof didnt leak, there was plenty of food and if I wanted to turn the heat on it would always work. This is probably why my name has been on a lease since I was 19.

Parents who deliberately uproot their children are such strange creatures to me. I realize sometimes you just have to move to a new place or move for a new oppurtunity, and that’s one thing, but more often than not I just see parents uprooting families for the sake of stupid, small or petty things. I’ve seen parents uproot and move their families to entire new cities so one child could partake in a sports program at a different school…Nevermind what effect it might have on the other children that have to adjust to this new environment. I’ve seen parents move out of state away from their children and can you imagine what those visitations would be like. Seeing your mom and dad only every few months, and having most of your interactions come over the phone. And what about those children that end up in the foster system and are constantly bounced from place to place and family to family whenever the state decides to move them or their new family decides they don’t like them anymore?

That feeling of being uprooted will happen to us all at one point or another in life. It will probably happen more than once. Sometimes it is inevitable. My greatest hope and fondest wish is that I can put down some roots before this baby of mine is too awfully big. I want him to have the stability I never had. I know I am fully capable of providing that its all just a bit fuzzy on the exactitude’s. I’m in a half relationship, living in a tiny apartment, contemplating what the best next step is in life, in my marriage, in my living situation, in my work…Which path should I take? Frankly it can be a little overwhelming but at the same time I know that when the time comes I can make the best decision, I can give this baby a stable life. I mean I’ve been doing it for myself for years, surely I can handle just one more tiny human. This certainty doesn’t ease the inevitable decisions I have to make, but it does assure me that I can get through it. After all it I have weathered many storms, I have persevered up until now, and I will again.

Here’s to roots and the paths that lead us to them.



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