Week 25: or How did I get here again?

new image 3

I’m really astonished that in just a few short months I will bringing home a hopefully healthy little baby boy. Then again the time seems to stretch out. This is week 25 of a 40 week journey. Before I bring home a baby I have one more Lent and Easter to wade through. I have furniture to be purchased or painted or rearranged. I have a bag I’m supposed to pack. Life changes that I still need to make…Yes, the time passes both quickly and slowly.

25 week bump Jan bump

This is the week 25 bump…and my goofy face

In some ways I feel prepared and ready for the challenge and up for anything. In other ways I would like about 40 more weeks just to stockpile diapers. I mean my current stash of baby stuff is nothing to bat an eyelash at…and I won’t have my first baby shower for another 6 weeks. Wow…that’s weird to think about. This week I finished a few neat memento-y things. I made this bib from a pair of pajama pants from Steven.


It’s the fourth bib I have made and I am almost happy with my technique for these large ones. Next I am planning to make or borrow a pattern for a medium size. I’m hoping to duplicate some of the designs I have already made in another size and maybe make some new designs as well. Thus far my favorite has been this rainy cloud bib. It takes a bit of time, but it is so darn pretty. Which is hilarious considering it will probably be covered in spit and food and milk in the near future.


The cloud bib will hopefully be available in my Etsy shop soon. The most interesting thing about being at week 25 is that it doesn’t feel all that different from week 17 or 18 but you get this overwhelming sense that trimester 2 is coming to a close and I’m not sure about what trimester 3 will bring. There are women on the birth board for May with me that have had their babies. Not many women, thankfully, but a few. A few of those babies or in Intensive care under incubators for the foreseeable future. Some did not make it that far. I really hope Carl stays in the cook for several more months because frankly I don’t have an acceptable diaper stash yet.


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