Labor Class Part 4: I’ve birthed it…now what?


The fourth and final labor/lamazze class was probably my least favorite. This is probably due to several factors. Our normal instructor was out for the night so we got another L&D nurse who I did not really care for. She had been with the hospital 30 some odd years which basically meant in this case that she still thinks everyone should stick their baby in the nursery when its born and swaddling is a useful skill. Tonight’s topics were newborn care, and yet another birth video….I have no idea why we watched another one considering we have seen at least an hours worth already. Basically what I take away from those videos is that when I start having contractions close together I’m shaving and making sure my feet look halfway decent. And oh yeah, I want a freakin epidural and under no circumstances do I want a mirror.


As far as newborn care goes this class was not what I might have liked. There were people in our class who had never actually changed a diaper, therefor this was a little more helpful to them. I’ve changed more diapers than I can possible remember on all age, race, type, gender, height, and weight of child between birth and three years old. That’s not a big deal to me. I was rather glad to hear that they no longer recommend baby oil or powder, cause I personally hate both. The instructor also gave a short demonstration on how to swaddle. I’m planning to get swaddle sacks with the velcro…cause why make life harder? She then showed us how to wash the baby and I will say that was a little more helpful. It made me rethink the tub I had picked out and get a slightly modified one.  They gave us sample bags from Similac and a nice can of formula which will come in handy if I cannot produce milk for some unforeseen reason. And then there was the video from hell which I won’t even go into. Then we were done. Officially hospital certified to care for an infant and make it through pregnancy. I have signed up for the breastfeeding class which takes place in a couple of months. I figure this will be fairly helpful and its only $5 because I’ve already been through labor class.


Don’t miss next week’s post! I’m going to summarize and rate my labor class experience. I hope you have enjoyed my humorous take on the whole baby prep experience. You can catch up here on Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 which are the other posts about Labor class.


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