The Newsroom: A Season 1 Review


I saw the opening scene for the Newsroom a couple of years ago, and I thought the premise was great. I mean who, in my generation can’t appreciate that speech. If you haven’t seen it, even if you have no desire to watch the series, you should watch the first five minutes. I don’t have cable, therefore no HBO and since paying for cable television is pretty much against my thrifty religion I never gave too much to watching it on a regular basis. Like most things I’ll wait until it comes to Netflix. But then my brother gifted me the first season as a Christmas gift.

We start out at a college auditorium with our main character Will and a line of panelists being asked “Why is America the greatest country in the world?” by a typical college blonde. You get the standard answer from the other guests like “Freedom and Freedom” (which is bullshit) but then Will is put on the spot to answer…and he does. Frankly when I saw this scene I was really afraid the rest of the program wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to it. I mean really what can be that consistently good? So far I would have to say that it can be. Will, on first glance, seems like a bitter ass hole…and on second glance too, but then you get to know him. He has layers. Like most people I imagine, but Will is a conundrum. He is a Republican. He calls Republican candidates out on their various and diverse array of distractionary and inflammatory and frankly flat out lying tactics.


When we first meet Will in the Newsroom he seems to be something of an attention whore. Which I imagine is the case with a lot of people that make it that far into any profession where there face is plastered on a screen night after night. Then we meet Mackenzie…who is such an idealist that you cant help but love her. She wants to report real news…REAL NEWS….not tabloid fodder or feel good stories about Jennifer Anniston’s opinion on children or why botox is a great solution to most problems. Mac has spent some time embedded in with the troops and so perhaps this is where her attitude comes from. She is a mass of energy and positive attitude wrapped in a rather intriguing personality that is a lot of fun to watch unfold over the first season.

We learn a lot about these two characters and their former romance and what it means now as well as the other characters that keep the newsroom running. Nobody on this show falls flat or seems unrealistic. Every character is full of so much depth that you cant help but understand and empathize with their plights and problems. I look forward to Season 2.


What show have you been watching lately?

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