Unraveling You and Raveling You by Jessica Sorrensen: A Review

unravelling you ravelling you

I love Jessica Sorrensen. I was sold on her when I read the Callie and Kayden series, then the Violet and Luke series, then Ella and Micha’s story, and Ethan and Lila. She can tell the most brilliant of stories. I was really excited for this new series of books about Ella and Micha’s daughter Lyric and Lila and Ethan’s son Ayden. I tried to keep a lid on the excited because I thought that the new books couldn’t possibly be as good as their parents story…turns out I was wrong.  Unravelling You is my pick for Free book of the month. Just in time for Valentines day. It is impossible to talk about one without the other so I am doing a joint review. Lyric has something that none of the other characters that I have seen from Sorrensen have; stability. Lyric grew up with two loving, stable parents and a loving Aunt and Uncle and just a generally happy family. While she is still young (17 in the first book), she has an unfailing sense of optimism that seemingly nothing can touch. She has a wellspring of happiness built by parents who gave her what they never had. This probably touches me especially because I am getting ready to have a baby and I want that for him. I want him to have that sort of strength.

Ayden is a little different. Lila and Ethan have adopted several rag tag children with various and diverse unhappy backgrounds. They welcome them into a stable home and deal with all the problems that come with them. Ayden can’t believe his luck in finding a good family, considering his other foster families haven’t been great and frankly normal people only want to adopt babies or young children less touched by the evil in this world. And evil is truly what Ayden is overcoming. I won’t go too much into it because it might ruin the story for some of you, but Ayden had a very unfortunate series of experiences in his formative  years. He is a strong, sweet young man, but he can’t remember a lot of what has happened to him in the past and what he does remember cause him to be very uncomfortable with normal human contact.

Lyric and Ayden are the sort of friends that I imagine Ella and Micha were as teenagers and Ayden definitely needs someone like Lyric with her unfailing optimism and bright happy spirit. I have read a lot of Sorrensen’s work and I have to say this is the best so far. She crafts this story perfectly and you can truly feel like you know the characters. I can’t wait for the last two books in this series. My only complaint is that Raveling You is way too short. It came out today, I read it this morning and I am writing the review all in the same few hours. I feel like it could have been combined with another book. The writing is so well done and I love the story so much that I am willing to overlook it.

You can get Unravelling You here for free right now and Raveling You here.

As a side note, this was book 8 in my read 200 books this year goal.


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