All of the Luvs

This year, this whole blessed, wretched, exhausting year has been one thing right after another. I don’t think I have had more than a few moments to catch my breath. I think Valentines day is a great day because if we look at it from the perspective of a day to share love with other people rather than just a day to make kissy faces at our current significant other then the day opens up to a myriad of exciting possibilities. There are all kinds of Love. It is a travesty that the English language limits us to one word and that that word is often misused. I’m afraid that no one truly loves french fries or oreos or double chocolate chip cookie dough blizzards. Love should be something reserved for one another rather than the objects that gain our temporary affection.

We are all guilty, at one point or another, of wishing Valentines Day away. It is natural to be a little bummed when you can’t spend it with that one special person or you simply do not have a special person with which to spend it. So, change your perspective. Instead of looking at it like a lovers holiday, see it for what it can be, a day to celebrate those people that we love in our lives. Our mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors who make us smile and laugh and want to live life. After all aren’t those people just as important as the ones we make kissy faces with. Bring some cookies to your friends, bring a flower to your sister, remind your brother that you love him even though the epic battles of your childhood might have said otherwise. Never will there be a time in anyone’s life where love and affection and genuine caring is not something we need. Everyone needs a little brightening and rather than celebrate SAD (Singles Awareness Day) we can celebrate another day we have to live on this earth and be surrounded by the people that should really matter.

Happy Valentines Day friends. May love find you wherever you are.


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