Blogging tips and tricks

I don’t pretend to be a blogging expert. That would be rather silly and pretentious of me. I make mistakes all the time. However this year I have found a routine that thus far seems to be working for me. I want to share with you some of the keys to this years success.

1. Always have posts written. Last year this was a vague sort of thought I had that I needed to have material always ready to be published. I rarely ever had much in the way of advance scheduling and I was rarely ever thinking past the next couple of posts. This year that all changed. I have posts scheduled for May right now and as of right now I have 10 posts scheduled and waiting to be posted. This takes a lot of pressure off of me to write every single day adn allows me to explore the blogs of other great writers as well as the freedom to not write at all if I don’t feel like it for a day or even a few days.

2. Schedule posts!

I can’t really emphasize this enough. I am currently using blank monthly calender to schedule posts and jot down ideas for posts. I have every post for February on that calender and I had at least a topic for each day figured out before the month started. The same goes for March. I even have some ideas written down for April and May. There is no rule saying I cannot be spontaneous and write what I feel like writing, but having post ideas write their helps me to publish every day which is my goal for this year.

3. Pick a slot of time during your day which is free from distractions that you can write. I write in the morning because that is my time and even after baby Carl is born I can probably find time in the wee hours when he is nursing or sleeping to write.

4. Stick with it. I’ll admit, I haven’t always been consistent with my writing habits but I feel so much happier when I am.

5. Pick topics that you can build off of. I have my Thrifty Thursday’s which I have been doing on and off for a while but this year I am modelling them after the Tightwad Gazette  and making them in a regular series. That has been fun and consistency in writing keeps readers interested.

What are your tips for keeping up with a blog in this busy space we call life?


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