Snow days as a time of reflection

This mornings post had been written and scheduled a while, but due to the unexpected whiteness outside I was inspired to write about something different. Tune in next week for more of the All About That Baby series. Today is a snow day. I know that other states get snow every single day of winter and then some so having a snow day isn’t really a big deal in lots of places. Getting snow in Northern Alabama however is kind of a big deal. In the first place no one is prepared to drive in it. In the second place it is so rare I like to think that we try and make time to enjoy it. We have been told for a few days now that it might possibly snow and even that is a big deal. It was supposed to snow yesterday and all we got were some beautifully iced trees and power lines. This morning though, it is actually snowing. It might stop in a few minutes, completely melt, and not snow again this year. That is often the case, or it might stick on this cold ground and accumulate enough so that we can’t see the grass only to melt away tomorrow morning. Alabama weather is always unpredictable.


February 2014

On this eve of Lent perhaps snow is a blessing. Snow days make us slow down whether we wanted to or not, either due to delays at work or school or due to slower than normal traffic conditions, or any myriad of other reasons. Lent is a time of reflection and what better way to prepare to reflect on our lives than with a day of unexpected snow.


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