Thrifty Thursday: The online swap


When the Tightwad Gazette was written many moons ago back in the early nineties, which actually doesn’t seem like that long ago, there were not as many communications options as there are today. The internet was popular, but the world was not nearly as inundated with global communications as it is today. If I want to share something with a friend in Russia it only takes about 30 seconds and almost everyone has access to the technology to do that. Because of this the sorts of thrifty gathering techniques that she mentioned are not nearly as up to date as they could be. One thing I stumbled upon in the last year was thrift through social media. Facebook has this nifty page option and through it people in communities,  like my small town, have created junk swapping pages. Essentially if you want to sell something (usually at a highly negotiable or significantly reduced price) You just take a picture or two, suggest a price and post it on the internet in a group of 15000 other people from your local area. Needless to say this is a highly effective tool for the savvy tightwad.

I’m part of three such local pages. One for my specific city and two for the surrounding counties. obviously the one for my city is the most helpful. You see a lot of junk this way, but if you follow the method of a true tightwad and keep an ever present list of things that would improve your life then this is perfect. I got a bouncy seat for $10. It looks brand new and works perfectly.


I met the lady is the parking lot of my local Walmart, the exchange took 30 seconds and I came home with exactly what I needed. I also got baby Carl a Bumbo chair and tray the exact some way


This time the combined set cost $15.


Both of these items were on my list of needed baby things and I was really happy to be able to get them before the baby got here. If you haven’t looked up your local “buy, sell, trade” pages I highly recommend doing so. I’ve also sold several pieces of furniture for myself and my sister. It is a great tightwad tool.


What thrifting adventures did you have this week?


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