MASH: or it could always be worse


I’ve been a bit of a funk the last couple of days. Mostly to do with the fact that I feel like I am alone in realizing the severity in a situation of having a little one in less than 90 days. I’ll condense my drama into one sentence. I have been told we are going to go pick out a crib at least three times now over a period of a few weeks and it hasn’t happened yet…. Anyway something this afternoon finally perked me up a little bit. I watched the pilot episode of MASH which is now on netflix.

The first episode introduces us to Hawkeye and Hotlips and all our other favorite characters. This show was a staple of my childhood. The adventures of that little medical unit during the Korean conflict were something I watched a great deal of as a child though never in order, just randomly as the episodes came to TV. They often showed several in a row on some random channel and I would watch them and laugh at their antic and cry at their suffering.

The pilot episode features Hawkeye doing what he does best, helping people and being irreverent. He cooks up a plan to raise college tuition for a Korean boy to go to his alma mater back in the states. He somehow manages to throw an unathorized party, raise all the money needed, give the prize away to a priest who can’t partake in it, and not get court marshalled by the visiting general who just happens to be a former boyfriend of Hotlips. All while keeping his good humor and attempting to woo the ladies. This kind of show is the kind I miss. Forget How I Met Your Mother with its unsavory ending and silly plot line. Friends was never my thing. MASH is raw and real and funny in the saddest way and I love it.

I’m currently diving into season 4. With that season comes the great Colonel Potter. I always remember liking his character but I had forgotten how much. MASH is a good mood lifting show and Netflix is kind enough to bring me the first five seasons. Here’s to hoping for seasons 6-11!


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