The Baby Inventory: Diapering!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my Baby Spreadsheet. As part of my All About Baby posts I am going to share with you all in a little more detail the various parts of my spreadsheet. This week I would like to talk about diapering and the various and diverse things that go along with that. Using Excel I made a spreadsheet that including the following diaper related categories.

N Diapers
Size 1 Diapers
Size 2 Diapers
Size 3 Diapers
Size 4 Diapers
Size 5 Diapers
Baby bum cream
Diaper Bag

It ends up looking like this (click on the image to get it less blurry)

baby inventory diapers

You can customize this to fit your individual needs. I took a basic estimate of how many diapers I experienced that babies go through at the various stages, as well as looking at the numbers other people have come up with which is how I got my totals. I estimated a little more than 2 wipes per diaper change which is admittedly low. I have location of the items and price (whether I bought them or they were given to me via shower or whatever) which allows me to keep a running tab of how much I have spent. The spreadsheet also automatically calculates how much I need of whichever item after I put in how many I have.

If you are going the cloth diapering route you can adjust this spreadsheet to fit your needs. I’ve also got a diaper bag listed and baby bum cream which will probably be needed at some point.  If you are a stock piler this is an awesome way to keep up with everything. I would be happy to send a sample of my spreadsheet to you, just make the request and provide an email in the comments.

How do you prep for baby?


3 thoughts on “The Baby Inventory: Diapering!

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