Baby Steps: Dinosaur Quiet Page

I really enjoy a good post series and My Thrifty Thursday posts have thus far been rather awesome and I have plans to continue that at least through March. In that spirit I want to start a new series. Baby Steps will be full of posts about things that I making for Carl or things that have been handmade for him or things I think would be neat to make for him in the future. I think that creating things for my new little human is a great way to inspire him to maybe be a creative and thoughtful human being. I want him to know that we all were very excited for his arrival and in that excitement we worked with our hands and with our gifts and talents to make special things for him. His Great grandmother has already made caps and a blanket for him (which I will feature later), I’ve made several little things that will pop up, and a friend made a lovely knitted blanket and gave it to me for Christmas.

One of the many things I have been working on lately are small projects for baby Carl. This weeks project was a dinosaur book page. This pattern I came up with mostly on my own. I only have a few other pages completed so right now it looks a little barren. Hopefully more will come soon.

Here are my pieces:


This neat little page has tabby pieces of ribbon on the dinosour and soft flexible tree leaves. I can’t wait to add more dinosaur pages!



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