Thrifty Thursday: Walmart Super Saver App review

super saver app

Just last week I talked about coupons and why I am not a big fan of them. This week I want to shift that just a little bit and talk about the only savings app I use. Wal-mart, while I think it does a lot of things wrong, it cannot be argued that many things you can buy there are much cheaper to buy there than stores like Publix, or even Foodland. I don’t buy mean from Wal-Mart. I don’t buy furniture or things I don’t need. However I do buy groceries when I they have things that I need that I know are cheaper there. For many years now they have allowed people to bring in adds from competitor stores and if another store has a lower price Wal-Mart will match that price. Wal-Mart’s Super Saver App compares your receipt prices to those of all the different stores in your area that sell those same items. I am in full support of this app. I was really skeptical at first because frankly I don’t shop there often, but it turns out it is a really neat and useful thing.

Using the Super Saver App you can turn in 7 reciepts per week from Wal-Mart purchases. I use my own receipts, my sisters receipts, and all my work purchase receipts. In the month of January I got about $10 back. That’s kind of huge. I didn’t change my buying pattern or what I bought. It only takes a few seconds to input the receipts. If I continue to do this every month and get about the same amount back I will have gained $120 at the end of the year. Now the money your get back can only be used at Wal-Mart. You can use it to purchase items from their website or you can print out an e-gift card and use it in the store.

Last week I finally printed my e-gift card off to use in the store. Its really easy to use. You need to go to an actual cashier rather than the self check out which I usually use. Other than that you just show them the paper and they scan the bar code just like a coupon. If you are looking for a coupon alternative and you shop at Wal-Mart regularly or know people that do that are willing to donate their receipts it is definitely worth a few minutes to input the receipt into the app.


How are you all being thrifty this week?


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