Why I write


I love to write. Why? Because I am a crappy verbal communicator and I feel like the only time I ever truly say what I need to say is when I write it. I’m not a great writer. I probably should have paid more attention to English grammar in school. I’ve written all kinds of things over the years. I’ve written letters, and essays, research papers, and short stories, and of course blog posts. I’ve written for other people. I’ve written for pleasure. I’ve written when I feel like something needs to be said. That’s what I did today. I wrote a letter because I felt like something needed to be said. I have to tweak it a little and its not just about me so I won’t be sharing it for all the world to read, but the feeling you get after writing something that needs to be written is like no other.

Why do I blog? I blog because I need an outlet. I blog because I sometimes feel like there are things that need to be said. I blog because I think our opinions matter and rather than beat my friends and family or the world at large over the head with them I write them here. People can take them or leave them. Now I suppose I blog at least in part so that if something ever happens to me my little one will have a way in which to get to know me that he would not otherwise have. Somethings we can’t prepare for. So I write.

Blogs can be our own personal soap box. A blog can be a journal. Some blogs are all about sharing with us how to better our lives. Some are about one persons passion, be that for cooking or cleaning or organizing or making or their babies or their DIY life.  Somewhere in the midst of even the most commercial feeling blog is the personality of the writer. I am pretty sure my blog will never be famous. I may not ever write anything that anyone of any fame ever reads. Luckily I write for a different purpose. I write because I need to write.

So why do you write?


2 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. Jessie, we are very similar, I think. I write because it helps me organize my thoughts, which are random images, very colorful and emotional. My brain is a huge Pinterest explosion that needs organized into specific boards. When you see the world artistically and want to share with others, writing in a blog or journal is a place to make sense of it. I write because no one is interested in hearing my thoughts to the degree that I want to explore them. Until I write or speak my thoughts, they haunt me or feel unfinished. I write for myself as therapy, but with others like me in mind. Most people that blog suffer a similar need to just express in words, art and photos. You are in good company, even if you feel alone! I write, edit and photograph the things that interest me. Few of my friends or family are interested in what I like. This makes me feel lonely, or odd. Blogging connects you to those that share your passions and care about reading things written from the heart. Thanks for sharing. You wrote many things that I think about saying myself!


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