The Baby Inventory: Baby Feeding!

Something rather exciting happened to me yesterday! I got an email request for my spreadsheet. I’m rather pumped. I’m hoping the recipient will be willing to give a review of it so that I might tweak and perfect it a little more. Two weeks ago I talked about my Baby diapering inventory and then last week I went over the Nursery portion. This week I want to talk about the Bottle and Feeding portion of the spreadsheet. These items covers all the things I anticipate needing for feeding baby (besides the actual food) for the first year of his life. Using Excel I made a spreadsheet that including the some of the following Feeding related categories.


Bottles sleeves

Bottle nipples

Breast pump

Breast pads

Baby food freezer and fridge containers

Baby food steamer

(a less blurry version will appear if you click on the picture)

Screenshot 2015-03-02 11.33.44

You can customize this to fit your individual needs. When looking at this portion of the spreadsheet I basically made a list of things I thought I would want to get. If you are wondering why so many things I still don’t have, I haven’t had a single shower yet, though I have two coming up in this week. This list helps me keep up with everything I still need vs everything we already have and when I start to have nesting panic attacks I can just look at this very helpful spreadsheet. I have location of the items and price (whether I bought them or they were given to me via shower or whatever) which allows me to keep a running tab of how much I have spent. The spreadsheet also automatically calculates how much I need of whichever item after I put in how many I have. Obviously your feeding needs will look differently than mine but I would be happy to send a sample of my spreadsheet to you, just make the request and provide an email in the comments.

I based my spreadsheet on the idea that I would be exclusively breastfeeding for the first six month and then making Carl’s baby food and storing it in the freezer and fridge. If you don’t plan to breastfeed, or if you plan to buy all your baby food then you obviously would need a different sort of spreadsheet or list. However I would highly advise looking into making your babies food. It is quick, relatively painless…and those cute little glass jars and plastic containers or baby food are $0.50-$1.50 per container…for just a few ounces of often times over preserved mushed vegetables and fruits.  That is a lot of money. A ton of money. In the end I think at least considering steaming and mushing some of that sweet potato you intend to eat for dinner and freezing or placing it in small baby size containers is a much more viable option. Hopefully I will be highlighting some good DIY baby food posts soon.

How are you or do you prep for baby?


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