Thrifty Thursday: What to look for!


In case you hadn’t noticed I am a rather thrifty (sometimes even cheap) sort of lady. When getting ready my little wee one who is soon to come and meet me I have tried to be as careful as possible with what I spend. I really believe that so many things that you need or want for baby need not be bought brand new. I want to share with you all a few common thrift store/consignment sale items that you can get for greatly reduced prices. If you are having a baby and plan to buy these things please consider getting them second hand. Chances are they won’t last long and if you look you can find them in great condition or barely used or sometimes even brand new.

What I have acquired second hand thus far:

Bumbo seat and Tray

Baby Swing

Bouncy seat

Chest of drawers

Changing Table

Toy Box

Globe decorations

Pac and Play

Baby Go pod

Glider rocker


Nursery decorations

Baby wearing carriers

Maternity clothes




While I don’t expect that everyone will be able to or even want to get everything second hand, I really recommend taking a look at what is out there. I’ve been given a ton of NB and 0-3M clothes that are in almost pristine condition simply because I knew someone who was getting rid of them. Searching through various thrifts stores I was able to find all that furniture and more clothes, shoes in like new or new condition, and all sorts of neat things to decorate the Nursery. I was able to find the bouncer and bumbo chair and tray on the online local networks for less than a quarter of what they would have been new. One baby wearing carrier was given to me and the other was acquired in a thrift store expedition a couple of counties over.

I have been lucky enough to receive a brand new stroller and car seat but I see them all the time at consignment sales, yard sales and thrift stores that are still well within their expiration date. Other things I have seen, but don’t personally need are crib bedding. There are four cute sets available at the thrift store closest to me right now. There are all sorts of options out there. Be thrifty and consider them. You can use all that money your are saving for a prenatal massage or better yet,  a college fund.

Have you been thrifty this week?


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