Book Review: Sustain by Tijan

sustain cover

I’ve read a lot of books by Tijan. I really love all the ones I have read so far. Some more than others. This book was good, a little different, but good. Sustain seemed to come out of nowhere until I realized that the book was actually about the band we meet in the Broken and Screwed series. I really, really enjoyed the Broken and Screwed books. Jesse and Alex have a great, if rather complex story. In Sustain we meet Luke and Bri (again). And there story is just as complex.

What I liked about it: The characters are strong. The side characters are really interesting and it looks like they will get their own books. Even though Bri starts out dating a rather shady individual she quickly dumps him when things come to light and doesn’t look back. Bri is a kick ass awesome drummer and strong female character.

Luke takes a little more time to get to know. He is definitely not my favorite of Tijan’s male characters, but he has several redeeming qualities. The other characters make up for a lot that our main man might be lacking. The dynamic of the band is great! Those guys are so dysfunctional but they somehow work great together. There are a ton of funny moments that are well worth the read.

What I didn’t like: Now, normally I am not a big advocate of dragging things out. I like one book wonders. I also think that if a story needs more than one book then that is fine too. I would have like to have scene more explanation, more back ground, and frankly more blanks filled in.

All in all Tijan is a solid writer who gave us yet another good book. Check it out for yourself. It is available on Amazon!

What have you been reading?


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