The Baby Inventory: Baby Clothing!

I’ve already done a post on the Baby diapering inventory , the Nursery portion, and the Baby Feeding portion. This week I want to talk about the clothing portion of the spreadsheet. This part is rather extensive and a little more complex than the previous ones. This is mostly because instead of just tracking what I have and will need for Carl for the first few months or a year, I have sizes NB – 4T. I did it this way for a few reasons. My hero, Amy DAcysion has a similar set up in one of her books and she would shop for her kids clothes years in advance at garage stores and thrift stores. This is a great way to save a ton of money and that is my plan here. This inventory is a basic list of what I anticipate needing for clothing Carl no matter the season for the next several years. Obviously I have a lot more NB and 0-3m things than 3T and 4T but the spreadsheet allows me to keep up with it all.  The spreadsheet includes sizes











Screenshot 2015-03-11 10.46.57

(the image is better if you click on it)

You can customize this to fit your individual needs. When looking at this portion of the spreadsheet I basically made a list of things I thought I would need for each stage of growth and it is somewhat particular to my climate. Obviously you will need more 2T-4T clothes because the growth of my toddler should be slower than the growth of a wee new baby.  This list helps me keep up with everything I still need vs everything we already have and when I start to have nesting panic attacks I can just look at this very helpful spreadsheet. I have location of the items and price (whether I bought them or they were given to me via shower or whatever) which allows me to keep a running tab of how much I have spent. The spreadsheet also automatically calculates how much I need of whichever item after I put in how many I have. Obviously your clothing needs will look differently than mine, especially at first and depending upon when your baby is born, but I would be happy to send a sample of my spreadsheet to you, just make the request and provide an email in the comments.

How are you or do you prep for baby?


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