Pinterest Worthy Projects: Sewing on Snaps

Often the reason I stick to the same old techniques is fear of learning something new. Silly I know, but why learn a new skill when I have the old one down so well?! This week I broke the tradition and tried out sew on snaps. I’m still experimenting with the other pound on kind (not particularly successfully) but I totally mastered the sew on kind because it was ridiculously easy.

I was given this pack of snaps and they sat on my craft board for at least a couple of months before I decided to try them out. They are old, but they work fine and I prefer vintagy notions anyway.


I haven’t gone out to buy new snaps, but I can’t imagine they are particularly expensive.

There are really only a few steps to sewing on snaps. Basically you unsnap the snap from the card, place one side on each side of what you want to use the snaps for, and then sew them down around the ringed edged. My outer rim had four holes to sew down and so, much like sewing on a button you just sew it down. I placed these on bibs, so I sewed them on before I sewed the bib together.


Thats it. Its as easy as that! I am hopefully going to make a space page for the quiet book with stars and snaps next.


This bib and others like it are also available in my Etsy Shop!

What have you been working on?


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