Week 30: Or where did all this fluid come from?

Being thirty weeks pregnant is basically all about one thing. Leakage. If you haven’t already being leaking weird things from weird places you definitely are now. The first time I realized I was lactating it was a complete shock and honestly it made me a little nuts. I never seriously contemplated anything coming out of my nipples…ever…for any reason…And yet here I am. Leaking. This is not even mentioning the other less than pleasant bodily fluid increases. The one I will mention is the tears…I cried over a freaking Tim McGraw song today….

Ever felt like a crazy person? Well being thirty weeks pregnant will make you seriously consider the possibility. I mean who cries over every little thing? I’m not even sad. I’m not a crier. I avoid it like the plague. Thus far I have been fortunate enough to avoid any heavy public crying, but good grief. I didn’t even know my body could produce this many tears. And thats when I am not even particularly sad. I cry when I am frustrated…mad…happy…sad…indifferent…irritated….and for a thousand other reasons. Its beyond ridiculous.

At least I still have full control over my bladder.

The other part of being 30 weeks pregnant, well really pregnant at all, is that everyone is suddenly a dietician…Don’t eat that! Have you been eating enough of this? Don’t drink that! That’s bad for the baby! You won’t lose that weight if you eat too much of this or that. Thanks people. Really. I mean I gave up wine. What more do you expect? I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink right now. I don’t eat excessive sweets. I’ll drink my coffee if I want to. If I want two ridiculously tiny ice cream sandwiches I will damn well eat two of them. If I never lose the 20 pounds I’ve gained then I guess I’ll just be less attractive from now on out…I wasn’t looking to have another kid anytime soon anyway.

Now I am going to have my second cup of coffee (gasp)!


2 thoughts on “Week 30: Or where did all this fluid come from?

  1. You’re lucky. I lost control of my bladder at 4 months. I couldn’t laugh without crossing my legs and hoping for the best. And don’t worry too much about what you eat. I craved sugar at the end and it was horrible because I was so focused on trying to keep my baby healthy but the cravings are awful


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