An Open Letter to Congress

From a concerned citizen

It is one thing to be unemployed. I have been in the working world for nearly 12 years. I’ve always had a job of some variety from as far back as I can remember. Where I come from it was work to eat. I think there is a great intrinsic value in that. Probably due to my own experience it is almost incomprehensible for me that teenagers don’t work, that people my own age have never had steady employment, or that people would sit around and benefit from the work of others without feeling the need to get out there and work themselves. I’m a firm believer that everyone can work in one way or another, it is simply what we choose to do that limits us.

It is a far different thing to be employed but not do the job for which you are receiving a pay check. Now I don’t mean occasionally slacking off. Everyone has highs and lows of productivity. No, I mean a total lack of disregard for the job you were originally hired to do. I’m afraid that if I stopped doing the biggest aspects of my job for a week, or two it would definitely be noticed, people would definitely complain, and I would without a doubt be in my bosses office having to explain myself. That is only fair. I am getting paid. I did sign up to work. A lot of people wouldn’t be as lucky as I am. If they didn’t show up to work once or twice they would get fired. And yet every single day of the last several years that is what so many senators and representatives have been doing from both sides of party lines, though mostly from just one side. The Republican side.

Instead of working with their fellow senators and representatives, which are their coworkers, which is part of their job, to pass laws, pass budgets, actually do work, they have been fighting a war of attrition. They aren’t getting their way, and exclusively their way, so at some point over the last few years they simply decided to take their ball and go home. To do NOTHING. How many threatened government shut downs have we seen in recent years? How many agencies have almost or have gone without funding due to the inability of either the Senate or the House of Representatives to pass anything….Just last week by a desperate, last minute, hail mary pass Homeland Security was funded…for another week. Not full funding for the year….not 6 months…or a few weeks….7 days. That is all that could be agreed to. Is it because they think that Homeland Security is too expensive a department to fund or not worth funding or not necessary to the safety and security of the American people? No. It is because a few Reepublican Representatives thought that a good way to impede the executive action taken by the President on immigration (which, btw, has been held up in the courts and could not take affect right now even if the President wanted it to) (also the executive action proposed does not make citizens of immigrants, simply re-categorizes those that are attempting to gain citizenship through the appropriate channels…..) was to refuse to pass a bill funding an entirely unrelated branch of government that a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT CREATED.

If you are not going to do your job, at least don’t impede others from doing theirs. What Republicans did, with their letter to the leaders of Iran, would have gotten any one of us working folks fired. You do not use petty propaganda in an office setting against a coworker or manager and then sign your name to it and expect that no one will take offense. What is worse than petty water cooler tactics that the Republicans have taken to is that instead of making any sort of impact on the leaders of Iran, they rather made themselves and in turn our government look disorganized and fractured and frankly they could not have sounded more condescending if they had tried to. Do Republican really believe that Iranian leaders, primarily educated in Western countries, somehow do not understand the basic tenants of a democratic government such as our own? If so then we are far more arrogant as a nation than I had previously realized.

What makes this entire fiasco that much more entertaining is not that it is a letter signed and attributed primarily to a freshman Senator from Arkansas…but that the response of the Iranian government was to call it exactly what it was…Propaganda.


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