Babyness and Baby showers! Oh My!

I’ve been a bit behind on my writing lately but today I am hoping to remedy that and get caught back up. Instead of talking about the baby spreadsheet (which I will do next week) I want to show you all some pictures from my first baby shower. It turned out really well. The cake was gorgeous.


I love the UP theme!

We also got a bunch of neato baby stuff that I was rather gleeful to add to my spreadsheet. Please ignore the largeness that I am about to show you and focus on the baby stuff. I’m going to have to be super active this summer to lose all this weight.

11044537_978062135547054_2982398787944534011_o 11025945_978062765546991_3577215987204623334_o

We got hand made blankets, and tiny little socks and no scratch mittens and the all important diapers.

We also got a some Butt Paste. When I worked in a Micro lab my professor introduced me to this stuff and it was freaking awesome. Now I laugh because I am about to have a baby to use it on rather than lab equipment.


Apparently a going home outfit is a big deal. I personally don’t care what he goes home in, but to please Inez I am going to put him in this little outfit that Steven came home in. Don’t get me wrong, its cute, it just isnt a big deal to me.


Knowing my luck he will have some sort of baby related accident and ruin the white on the way home. This is the outfit that Steven came home from the hospital in. How weird is that?

We also got another of his baby outfits


His mother had saved them. Maybe I will save some of Carl’s. We shall see.

Speaking of Carl, look at that cute little face!

Only a few more weeks until he is here and using all that neat stuff we got last week.

Did you have a special coming home from the hospital outfit?


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