Thrifty Thursday: Yard Sale adventures of 2015!

It is finally upon us again! Yard Sale season!

This is really my favorite time of year. I absolutely love a good sale. I’ve been waiting patiently all crabby winter long for the cold to go away and the awesome sales to commence. Have I mentioned that I love this time of year! Faith and I had a fun little adventure this past Saturday involving several awesome sales. Two local churches had their annual fundraising sales. There was also a rather huge baby related sale in Killen which we went to. Unfortunately it was mostly girl stuff, but still, it was pretty awesome. I ended up finding several things that have been on my mental list as well as my baby inventory.

I got this neat mesh bath! I already had the hard tub but I wanted one of these for when he cant get his navel immersed. Baby bathing makes me a bit nervous. I also got several pairs of shoes and I indulged in this police car.

IMG_1678 IMG_1681

Probably my favorite purchase of the day was a Maternity outfit. It was $2.00. Tights, shirt and sweater are all Motherhood Maternity brand so they have resale value. The sweater, camisole thing is made of the softest material imaginable. I may not be able to give it up.

I found a random embroidery hoop, several cute baby outfits, including this one which I think will probably be his Easter outfit next year.


All things considered it was a great day full of much productivity.

Did you all get out and shop the sales this weekend?


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