Spring cleaning! Organize and scrub!

Spring Cleaning!

I just bought a bunch of clorox wipes, I’m armed with a great deal of determination and dust bunnies may not stand a chance as long as I can keep myself mobile which basically means 30 minutes of cleaning and then a break before my back becomes a living breathing entity that screams at me for putting too much pressure on it. But for all the akwardness that is cleaning with a 42″ circumference, I feel good about it.

I actually tackled the closet today. Out went all the crap I am not going to wear for a while, like all my pre huge belly winter clothes. It is almost too warm for them and even if it wasn’t I can’t wear them right now anyway. Jeans I can usually make work…some of those cute sweaters however would stop before they hit my belly button. So out they went. Packed away for next winter. I also actually just got rid of a few things. And I managed to consolidate so that I actually have a basket for shoes. It needed to happen. I suppose it is a happy coincidence that Spring cleaning and my nesting urge are hitting around the same time. As a reward to myself I might drag someone to a park with me to try out my hammock. I’m currently too big to get in it without help…much less out of it.

25 Amazing Closet Organization Hacks I hang my boots like the upper right photo.. Works fantastic

So in the spirit of cleaning and organizing I will share a few of neat organizing hacks and ideas. The one above is a list from buzzfeed. I used the coathanger/scarf trick with tank tops.

Store bras on a single hanger to save space and keep them from getting bent out of shape. | 17 Hacks Every Bra Wearer Should Know

This list is from buzz feed and I am seriously considering trying it for my bras just to get them out of the disorganized basket they currently live in.

And finally, a tip of my own. If you are getting a nursery ready (like me) or simply have a chest that you aren’t using for anything start storing things in it!


This cute toy chest is filled to the brim with diapers (since he isn’t going to really need a toy chest for toys anytime soon).

Are you doing any spring cleaning?


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