We have a candidate…well someone announced anyway

Well if we want to elect a baptist preacher…Ted Cruz is definitely the answer.

Ted Cruz is a freshman senator from Texas. He has no real experience. He isn’t all that amazing. He did give his 30 minute announcement speech without using a teleprompter to an audience that was forced to be there. He may or may not have been born in Canada. His dad was definitely not born in America.

In his speech he calls on people of faith…born again Christians. He wants people to stand for liberty. I can see that he is trying to appeal to both the far, far, far, right and the tea party. What I cannot see his appeal to would be midline Republicans…which are typically the ones that actually vote. In his own speech he says that born again Christians don’t vote. I guess he is trying to win the election based upon a conglomerate of people who are so dazzled with him they get off their ass and actually vote.

This is all well and good. Mitt Romney wanted us to vote for him because he was an experienced business man. Ted Cruz wants us to vote for him because he is a born again Christian. He wants to abolish the IRS. Sounds good right? He wants a flat tax. He wants to secure the borders. He wants a “legal” immigration system. He wants to stop the assault on the religious people of this country….whatever that means. He wants a federal government that abolishes abortion and defines marriage as one man, one woman. He will “protect” our right to keep and bare arms…which were in no jeopardy. I will say this for him, he wants to appeal common core which I could probably get behind except that he doesn’t outline a clear plan for education rather says some flowery things about how every child deserves an education and mentions homeschool which I would rather he leave out of it. He wants to support Israel. He wants to police Iran…somehow using our constitution.

According to Ted Cruz he is the modern day Patrick Henry or George Washington…which would please the libertarians.

Thus far that seems to be his only qualification. I honestly think this is good news for the Democrats. Whoever the democratic candidate is the chances are great it will be someone with more experience or at least more name recognition. But lets talk about what Ted Cruz has actually done. He was a domestic policy adviser to George W. Bush…who had no domestic policy other than No Child Left Behind which was a horrible failure. He has taught law, worked within Texas government as Solicitor General, and even worked in private practice. In the senate he introduced several failed bills, one to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he cosponsored the Keystone pipeline bill, and a bill to get rid of the limits on direct campaign contributions.

The sad fact is, Ted Cruz wont have enough campaign contributions to make it very far. Jeb Bush just basically swooped in and stole most of the Texas funds. Good luck Ted Cruz, I hope you do make it further than Jeb.


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