Week 31: Or can the world just thaw out please?

Apparently week 31 is all about back pain and just how much one can successfully put up with before giving up and going to bed for the forseeable future. Week 31 is also about sweet little baby faces on sweet little baby ultrasounds. Or if you are my brother “That thing looks like an alien.” We had our 4D ultrasound this week and while it was an extra expense I think it was worth it. I mean look at that cute little face. A cute little face I will be meeting in a couple of months. Oh how the times flies.

I spent my first almost full day in a doctors office in a long time on Wednesday. I went from eye doctor, to ultrasound to baby doctor. We had kind of a long wait at the baby doctors office…long enough that I took a nap and so did Steven. I suppose since I am about to have a wee one and my appointments are going to get a little more in depth soon I should just get used to this.

The weather here has not been very cooperative for a large pregnant lady. I’m sick of the snow and ice and such. Hopefully we are past the worst of that now. Week 31 is also apparently the week where I want to do nothing but find the “perfect” baby bag….which of course doesn’t exist except in my head. I’m hoping that week 32 will bring a little less dreary weather and little more peace.


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