Baby Showerness

I’ve had three lovely baby showers. The most recent wast last weekend.


Polka dots were probably not the best choice, but I was tired of wearing the same two black dresses so that’s what I ended up with.


There were fun people, and fun things and awesome decorations and a beautiful cake which I know there are pictures of somewhere.

baby shower baby shower1 baby shower3

My mother, sister, step dad and a couple of other did all the decorating. It looked great. I want to do newborn pictures with the little one in a basket like those with a big globe balloon. I just really love the way that turned out. I am going to attempt to hand something like that in his Nursery in the next few days.


And cake!

All in all, it was a great shower. I’ve been blessed with three great showers and really we only need a couple of odds and ends things for the little bits for me to feel like we are as fully prepared as we can be for at least 6 months.


Here’s to hoping Baby Carl waits just a few more days so momma can work.


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