Week 32: Or “Who’s got the funk?”

I’ve got the funk. And I don’t mean sweet dance moves. This particular funk is stemming from an overflow of life problems and hormones and the inability to control a great deal of either. I have always been the sort of person that can keep a fairly reasonable emotional even keel. Whether it was coming up with rent money at the end of the month, or dealing with emotional crisis’s or work problems or overwhelming to do lists I’ve always been rather optimistic that everything will turn out in the wash. This week has been one of those unfortunate roller coaster emotional weeks that make me want to cry because it isn’t that anything is overwhelmingly wrong its that I feel like I have lost the ability to deal with anything in a calm rational manner….

I have what I have self diagnosed as pregnancy funk.

I’m hoping it goes away soon. There have been high points, don’t get me wrong. The Nursery is finally beginning to look like a Nursery. I’ve also reached that point where I don’t actually want to do anything so while there is a ton left to do I’m hoping I find motivation next week. I don’t think it is going to come to me in the next few days. I’ve been prepping baby bags and baby car kits for those that will have little Carl on a regular basis (me, Steven and Faith). I’m working on a post about what I think should go in it. I like before and after perspectives so I figure I’ll write about it now and then later write about what I didn’t actually need that I thought I would. Much like the hospital bag post I am planning in the near future. All the baby furniture is painted, put together or should be here by the end of the week other than the glider my mom is bringing and the crib that is still in the box. I had two baby showers this week and then a super duper awesome one at the beginning of April. Maternity pictures are a thing that will happen soon. My tub finally stopped clogging. See there are lots of happy things I just have to grasp onto them firmly with both hands and try and let the other stuff go.

I will say that I am coming to that point in my largeness that seeing these teeny tiny skinny women makes me a little irritable. Hopefully in a few months I will be a semi normal size again.


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