Week 34: Or I am a turtle and I can’t get up!

When I was a kid one of my favorite movies was the Ninja Turtles. The third live action film has the turtles going back to feudal Japan and in the ensuing chaos they end up going down a storm drain where one of them happens to land one his back. He then says what I think on a rather constant basis these days. “Help, I’m a turtle and I can’t get up!”

Being 34 weeks pregnant has been much like what I imagine being a beached whale is like. Not everyone will appreciate that sentiment but not everyone is pregnant or me. I have never been particularly large. I have been a little pudgy, a little bigger than I might have liked, but never just plain huge. Right now I am carrying more weight than I ever in my life expected to carry around and it is making me miserable. My diet hasn’t changed, if anything I am eating less because there is just no room for excess. Despite that I am still steadily gaining weight…..and probably will for several weeks. Which is pretty freaking miserable. I feel like a whale…a beached one. Especially when I try and get comfortable because there is no comfortable position for someone this big and otherwise hefty. No amount of twisting or turning or maneuvering will truly make being this pregnant comfortable. Really if I manage to get comfortable it is just a fluke. Basic luck.

Perhaps next week will be the week I bounce back into feeling like a semi normal human. Here’s to hoping.


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