Parenting is an Odyssey

Some may laugh at this, and in some ways it is rather amusing but one reason I was a little relieved that I was supposedly unable to birth babies is that I would have to make certain hard decisions or have arguments about what is best for the little one, or constantly debate with spouse, grand parents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, and even casual acquaintances about everything from cloth diapers, to regular diapers, to only organic disposable diapers or pacifier vs no pacifier, or vaccinate or don’t vaccinate, or perhaps the biggest one of all, to homeschool or not. How does one go about navigating these minefields of conversational bullshit and arguments waiting to happen. One thing that is true about being pregnant is that every one has an opinion about it and about what to do with the baby once its here. Most of the time I let it go in one ear and out the other. Yeah, I may cloth diaper, but I will also use regular diapers and disposable wipes. This baby will be offered a pacifier at least at first because I don’t want him to be 8 and still sucking his thumb and at least the pacifier I can take away. Yes, I am breastfeeding if at all possible. Yes, I am vaccinating because I actually understand how vaccines work and I am not afraid to tell anyone that asks all of those things. I’m not debating it. Yes, I am circumcising. Those things are my decision and that is it. I might listen to a myriad of opinions, and trust me I have. I have heard more opinions on all of these subjects than I could possibly keep up with.

The big one for me is something I haven’t made up my mind about. The “to homeschool or not” debate. I know for at least the first five years of Carl’s life I will be teaching and caring for him. No matter what sacrifices I have to make I am not sending him to daycare. There are several reasons for this:

1) Every disease known to man and a few I swear are only grown specifically in those facilities

2) I at least believe I have enough support that sending him to daycare won’t be necessary

3) Why spend the extra money when I won’t make enough of a difference working the hours I would have to in order stick him in daycare?

4) I can teach him at home everything they teach in day care except I can do it better, in a one on one environment, without 15 other children biting, hitting, and ignoring the teachers.

5) The behaviors that kids pick up in daycare are atrocious.

6) I have first hand knowledge of what goes on in daycare that parents are never told about and frankly don’t want to know about.

The first 5 years I have a plan. Its after that I am not yet prepared for. I am never going to be in a position to just be a stay at home mom. I’m not sure I am wired for that, but even if I was there would never be a scenario in which my husband would go for it. So what to do? I know there are people that work and homeschool. More and more these days in fact. I wouldn’t mind doing that, and I of all people know that a homeschool schedule does not have to be conventional. I suppose I will see how the next few years go and re-evaluate as I go. If I homeschool it will be a fight. It will be a fight I am not sure I am able to win. I rarely ever say that but in this case it is true. Hmm…What does the future hold?



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