Week 35: Or It is definitely not time yet so stay put!

This week I had my last ultrasound and my first cervical exam. How fun. The ultrasound showed an extremely squished baby weighing in at around 5lbs and the exam determined that I probably wouldn’t be carrying around a baby until May 7th which is my original due date. This was a little unsettling mostly because it messed with my plans. I’m a crazy planner. I like everything to be neatly organized and arranged and having this kid a couple weeks early is not my plan.


I’m going to burst

Everyone keeps telling me that I need to just learn to adjust and I realize that some adjustment, some compromise must be made, but surely having a plan is better than going in blind. With that in mind I will share my birth plan, which is sort of short and sweet and down to the point. I really don’t have a whole lot of expectations. I want an epidural. I am aware it might not work. I would rather not have an episiotomy. I am aware it may be necessary.

Birth Plan
No visitors during active labor
Steven is to be the only family member in the delivery room
No Episiotomy unless absolutely necessary
IV meds if needed
Steven would like to cut the chord
Steven would like to bathe the baby
Baby stays in room rather than in the Nursery
If anyone calls the hospital I do want my information released
No visitors during recovery or until after I have attempted to breast feed
I want to attempt to breastfeed as soon as possible
I would not like to be offered a mirror
I’d like to be able to use a birthing ball, walking, etc as pain management then IV meds until I feel that the pain isn’t managable.

Its just a simple list. Not a list of demands or requirements, but a list that will hopefully help the nurses know what I would prefer to happen. Here is to hoping we see a couple more weeks without baby presenting himself to the world.


2 thoughts on “Week 35: Or It is definitely not time yet so stay put!

  1. Babies definitely have their own time table! I think your birth plan is really realistic. When I had my kiddo the birth plan they had me feel out was incredibly detailed and it because of that, it all went right out the window. I think you’ve got the bases covered while still being flexible.


    • Thanks! I have since actually had my baby and because of the short duration of labor ( literally 90 minutes) most things didn’t apply. I didn’t have time to get an epidural, or an enema, or even a prebirth shower. I barely made it until the doctor got there, but I definitely think that if I have another baby my birth plan is definitely reasonable

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