And we labored: Part 2


Labor is not like a field of flowers…

When last I wrote about my laboring experience I was at the hospital getting checked in. So Steven, Faith and I settled in for an hour of misery. Seriously, it is kind of the worst thing in the world when you can only lay there in misery. The pain was getting worse and while I had been having these painful contractions all day at least up until that point I had been distracted with a number of tasks and not confined to a bed by a fetal heart monitor. Basically they put you in a “gown” which is basically a large sheet with arm ties, they strap a fetal monitor to your belly and you have to lie on your side and ask the nurse every time you need to get up and tinkle. Which I had to do twice in an hour. After I got past the fact that I was just going to have to lay there I was able to breathe through some of the pain, but I will say that was one of the longer hours of my life.

Nurse Erica came in to check on me after about an hour and fifteen minutes and with a rather sad but not all that surprised look she told me I still hadn’t progressed but that the doctor was going to order a shot of Demerol for pain and phenergan for nausea. She assured me that I would probably be back the next day ready to have this baby and that I would be more comfortable at home sleeping in my own bed for the night. While I had no desire to stay in the hospital, at that point I was in enough pain that I was pretty sure if it continued for another day I wasn’t ever going to be comfortable again. I didn’t argue with her. I thought about it but I was too tired and uncomfortable to deal with her so I just thanked her for checking me and for getting the medication because at least then I might be able to sleep and maybe I wouldn’t throw up the dinner I had eaten a couple of hours before. Out of the gown I went back into my regular clothes.

We all went home and started to get settled in for the night. I was honestly halfway delirious from the pain meds and all I could think was “I want some comfortable underwear”. I somehow changed clothes, got everything settled for the night, and lay down on the couch because the bed had been hurting my back for a couple of months now. I remember rolling this way and that way trying to get comfortable (hah) as the contractions just kept on coming. Finally I rolled onto my right side, got semi comfortable and closed my eyes. Steven had just gotten back from getting some dinner and just finished eating it. Faith was settling down getting ready for bed. I remember being in so much pain. I thought it was just the regular contraction pain. I really needed to go to the bathroom but I hurt so much I wasn’t sure I would be able to get there on my own. I remember calling for Steven, then I remember thinking I must have had an accident because I waited too long to go to the bathroom…Steven at first thought I had just had an accident as well and as he was helping me to the bathroom I was still gushing fluid at which point he realized my water had broken. I guess I should have realized it myself. Right before it broke I felt this weird popping sensation and then I was in extraordinary pain. I went from a 6 pain to a 9 pain in a matter of seconds. That is the downside of the Demerol, it made me a little fuzzy until the pain burned through it.

Steven called a friend to escort us to the hospital ( the one great thing about being a police officer: on duty friends with patrol cars and lights and sirens) and somehow in the next minute we made it to the car. I remember adamantly protesting that I was not going in the from seat I was going in the back. I was in so much pain I couldn’t have comfortably sat up for anything. I didn’t have shoes on at that point because I had ruined my other clothes and only managed to drag a dress over my head so I scraped my toe on a rock on my way to the car which wouldn’t have stuck out in my mind except that I had a pedicure only a few days before and I’ve only had two of those my whole life. I wanted two things when I went into labor, other than an epidural, cute toes and shaved legs (and shaved other places too). That’s the benefit of watching birth videos in labor class, you get to see a lot of ugly feet and hairy places.

We sped to the hospital which seemed to take forever but probably only took a a few minutes. I kept thinking to myself that my water couldn’t have broken. I was at one centimeter dilated only an hour ago, surely my water didn’t break. That doesn’t happen. I remember being halfway afraid of having the baby in the car even though I was mostly convinced I couldn’t have progressed that far. I was in so much pain. It wasn’t the worst pain of my life like they tell you it will be but I was so tired already from a long day and halfway out of it from the medication I had received less than an hour ago that I just couldn’t quite get clear headed and deal with the pain like I normally might have. This was honestly the part I dreaded. I mean the pain I had been in all day from the contractions and back ache wasn’t any fun, but I hate hospitals. They make me want to have panic attacks and I get an overwhelming sense of cabin fever if I am in one for more than a day. So I really wasn’t looking forward to labor if for no other reason than I knew I would be in a hospital.

By this point it was around 11pm. The rest of my exciting story is coming. I hope you have enjoyed it so far. The first part can be found here.


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