All about that baby: Baby sleep part 2!

So baby sleep part 2!


Baby Carl has been sleeping through the night going on three weeks now. There have been a few hitches, like when we visited my mom for a few nights. He didn’t like sleeping in the elevated pack n play so I lowered it to the lowest level the next night and he slept pretty well. I spent a lot of time reading about baby sleep on blogs and trying out books about baby sleeping and happy babies and let me just say that most of it, especially Happiest baby on the block, is just not as awesome as the authors would like you to believe. Having said all that I will let you all in on my nightly routine.


He used a pacifier for exactly five minutes and now refuses to use one.

We have a very lose daytime schedule. I say lose because he just really wants to eat a ridiculous amount during the day and his naps are not very predictable. However his night time schedule is fixed and unmovable.

  • Before everything else, and because he is missing those night time feedings now I let him nurse as much as he wants between 7:00pm and 9:00pm.
  • Starting between 8:00-8:30pm~ if it is bath night he gets a bath. I bathe him every other day. After the bath he gets a lotion baby massage If there is no bath I put him in his footsie pajamas or a sleeper around 9pm.
  • Around 9:00-9:15pm I read some books to him.
  • Between 9:15pm and 9:30pm, after I make sure he has a clean diaper, I settle him down on my chest in the glider and throw a blanket over him. While I am checking his diaper I turn on his noise machine and projector.
  • It usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes to get him settled and in his crib asleep. Sometimes it only takes a minute especially if he is tired and has had a long day.

I always use his noise machine. That’s something I did from the beginning. I wanted him to be able to sleep through anything and he can. He can sleep in a crowded stadium with a marching band playing. I know this because he did it just last week. I also don’t talk to him after I get him settled on my chest. I read somewhere that if you want babies to know that it is time for sleep you shouldn’t stimulate them and talking to them is just that. Carl definitely seems to know when it is time to be quiet and sleep. He wont chatter and I don’t chatter to him. I will sing to him if he isn’t settling well but I don’t talk to him like I do during the day.

0523150848Life is hard when you are the baby!

I think a bed time routine is really a great thing for mom and baby. Even if your child isn’t sleeping through the night or in his crib having a bedtime routine will signal that it is time for bed, not play. I also try not to nurse him to sleep anymore. I will let him nurse as much as he wants right before bed time, but after we start our bed routine I usually don’t. I don’t want him to rely on that to go to sleep. I do rock him which I know some people disagree with but fooey on them. If he is being especially inconsolable and wont even nurse I will set him in the crib and let him cry for a few minutes before getting him out and trying again. This usually settles him down out of that initial fit.

Please don’t expect my night time routine to be the magic things that gets your baby to sleep but I hope it might help in some way. Find a routine that works for you!

Have a great Tuesday!


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