A preventable tragedy

Do you know what a preventable tragedy is? It is a terrible event that could easily have been avoided. We all are responsible for, or have been on the receiving end of such an event. If I hadn’t gone parasailing I wouldn’t have crashed and broken my ankle. If I had locked my windows that intruder would not have been able to enter my home and steel my things and ruin my sense of security.  Sadly most tragic events are preventable but hindsight is what it usually takes to realize that,

Imagine for a moment that there was a man accused of a heinous crime. The man was old, weathered and seemingly homeless though he looked like he had recently had a good meal and a hot bath. The police brought him in and he seemed friendly enough but you never know what people are capable of. The jail was crowded. The other prisoners were loud and almost unmanageable. Some prisoners had been there a long time, but many came in just that morning. Because the jail was full, and the officers were busy they decided to take the old man out behind the jail and shoot him.

….This would never, ever happen. If it did happen people would be fired and heads would roll. Protesters would line the streets for days in unity against such a horrible and senseless act. This man, without time for an investigation, trial, or due process of any kind was murdered. Now imagine that instead of a person this was a dog. An older dog was picked up by our local Animal control, he was taken to the shelter, and before he was even allowed time to get comfortable and wait on his owner who would have gladly come to get him, he was euthanized. This dogs name was Lucky. Lucky was a retired bird dog who had dug out of his fence, as dog sometimes do, in the night and before his owners could tracks him down the next morning he was put down. There is no excuse. There is no apology that would make it right, but nevertheless an apology should be made. The Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter and made a mistake. A grave mistake that cost the life of a beloved pet for no other reason than they had a busy morning and a lot of animals to deal with. Own it. I will never forget this and I will never support our local shelter until the leadership is actually held accountable for something.


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