Too nice…hahahaha

Somewhere along the journey I became labelled “too nice”. And somewhere along the journey I stopped trusting my own instincts. I’ve come to terms with a lot of changes recently. My life feels like whirlwind. Little bunny is turning 1. I’m going to be officially divorced in 21-36 days. I’m getting a new to me car. I’m buying land. I’m apparently part of a convoluted chain of inheritance on some other land. No one is doing anything in Corinth about my father’s murder or if they are it’s a big fat secret they aren’t telling me. And I’m pretty sure in the 5+ years I’ve been out of the dating scene everything has changed. I mean everything. I don’t know how to do that any more.

I’m really not too nice but I do have a philosophy that I would like to share. How we act toward another person reflects on us not them so whether it’s an annoying driver who cuts us off in traffic or a co-worker who seems impossible to get along with, a friend who has been disloyal, or a spouse that cheats with your friend, how you treat that person reflects on you, not them. I fail. I fail all the time when I’m angry, or I give into bitterness, or I just forget to live because I’m dwelling on the misdeeds of another person but eventually I try to remember that kindness is not in vane. Compassion is always the best answer. Everyone is flawed and will eventually do something hurtful even if it is unintentional. So let’s all remember to be kind…and get over ourselves. I’m going to make that my mantra for a while.


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